“Paying For” the Sins of the Forefather

“Paying for Sins” is another name for “Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma” which some relate with terms like addiction, evil, insanity, slavery or hell but it sucks for all parties involved. When people don’t feel remorse and own their wrongs, paying for it is all they do. I used to think my childhood trauma was no big deal because I was so used to it. Little did I know how deep the wounds ran. Had I not gained the awareness of what was going on in my mind and around me, I never could have become a survivor. We all have had relatives with unaddressed mental illnesses that made life hell for anyone ever-after. You can’t just blame the ill and go about your day because participating make us all ill. If you’re ignorant to what ill conditions evil creates, your children may pay for it. How will they pay? With their time. They’ll spend years feeling guilty about dirty little secrets that led them to recommit the same crimes while everyone else is getting ahead. The process is fairly straightforward – trick a child into committing the same wrongs (how did that happen?), scare them to death about doing it again (you’ll go to hell!) and control them until you die (the whole object to begin with). Problem is, the person who started it all FAK’DOFF and died leaving everyone with a giant mess. As long as everyone keeps coveting, they all end up committing the same act from fear of doing it again dooming themselves to an eternity of misery and damnation.

Good news! You’re not doomed! It was ALL BS!

You just were taught a bunch of BS by an abusive adult whose purpose was to deceive you into doing their will. When your beliefs are messed with, it results in a lot of weird thoughts running around. All this “payment” nonsense is simply blame placed on other’s wrongdoings in order to cover their own ass in lieu of confessing. No one has the right to force anything onto anyone especially the authority figures. When parents have selfish motives, they program their children to believe their false reality for personal gain. This inflicts harm onto a growing child whose brain is rapidly developing based on environmental factors. Those who participate in this regular practice put themselves at risk of repeating the same patterns if left untreated. FAKOFF! We’re safe from eternal damnation?! We always were but we just had live life a better way. So what now? Forgive and move on. If that’s just too easy, cue the music!

Throw it ALL Away

Did you believe that committing evil acts like anger, concealing, theft (coveting), hubris, pride, lust, envy, greed, jealousy, irresponsibility and laziness (sloth) would result in something positive? If you did, then you were brainwashed by unbelievers with little restraint who manipulate others. It’s just not true. Bad information mixed with good spoils all of it because there isn’t enough time to proof it all. It’s easier to assume it’s ALL nonsense and re-discover life according to people wiser than myself. I discovered some serious truth in a short time just by reading the New Testament, asking questions, giving back and daily self-discipline. I then compared what I newly learned against my past experiences to corroborate it all. See why we should have faith in the truth? Nothing else exists!

Parents Are Accountable

When they fail, humiliation and embarrassment among their peers compels them to mismanage children through control tactics and punishment of increasing severity. I believe control and negativity is against God’s will and is very very harmful to people all around. Additionally, committing evil acts consume much more time and energy than being self-disciplined and positive. Why do more work? Didn’t know positive self-discipline is easier? FAKOFF! No way!

The Blame Game

Those who refuse to take accountability for their mistakes often resort to blaming. Their distrust of others forces them to isolate and suffer alone in despair thanks to the hubris of all parties involved. Controlling those who share this knowledge causes anxiety and distrust to grow forcing all to resort to greater psychological control tactics over naive children who don’t know the difference (especially in public). When the mental tactics stop working, it us often substituted with cruelty and violence. When we don’t have the courage to ask for help with a problem, it just keeps growing. Whenever people have their own lives under control, they begin to heal. The more you spoil yourself, the harder it’ll be to say no to unproductive temptations later in life so practice humility more than selfishness. Get help from someone qualified such as a psychologist, therapist or pastor.

Unfortunately, there are ignorant masses who resort to control tactics disguised as “discipline” in order to reinforce fear and control children by force. No matter what control tactic a person resorts to, the outcome is always negative because people are free by nature. No matter how old a person is, I find it challenging to believe that anyone wants to be forced against their will UNLESS they’re conditioned to.

Catch a lie, Snatch a Thief

People with no morals lie, cheat and steal for a living. The payment for the “sins of the forefather” implies that you must continue managing their legacy of lies by becoming an accomplice (they did it, I might as well). This is an excuse for feeling entitled to do wrong because everyone else did it by “having” to cover it up (coveting). Bad reputations are often hidden (coveted) for fear of others finding out. This fear leads to further worry of someone re-committing the act, managing more fallout and increasing the odds of being caught. This “payment” continues as long as the participants remain ignorant and are prevented from seeking help. Their kids become adults who continue the tangled webs of untruth that victimize countless more. Their negative thoughts are worse than their acts. Mis-wired minds create conflicted thoughts that lead to narcissistic tendencies where a victim begins to believe that the world revolves around a single person (idolatry). Manipulating a person’s faith in God makes them further vulnerable to mental control tactics and is the most despicable crime of them all.

The Need for Discipline

Humans need to maintain proper morals because when we don’t, what stops anyone from harming YOU!? The human body is greedy by nature because it wants to survive at any cost. An undisciplined mind makes space for potentially uncontrolled acts that may harm others. The basic tenet of any faith is “do no harm” so when anyone is harming others regularly, they’re probably out of control and crying out for help. Sinning is simply another name for committing acts which hurt others. Those who have no problem doing so are usually mentally ill and require urgent psychiatric assistance. Their uncontrolled acts create more despair, addiction, loneliness and depression. When those in need aren’t heard, they fall deeper into this wasteful cycle. Moral of the story? You can’t buy time! Tell the truth and move on because lies waste everyone’s time. If you can’t admit it, at least don’t deny everything! What happens if and when you’re caught? Someone eventually finds out so why continue suffering in guilt? What if it wasn’t your fault to begin with? What if many others were at fault too!

Know Someone in Pain?

Please don’t give advice! It’s the opposite what you should do because they’ve probably had “advice” shoved down their throat their whole life. Offer a listening and understanding ear because their story is probably heavy and complex. Keep in mind that abused people often have very poor communication skills which often the root cause of it all. Much of what you say may not make any sense to them as a result. It’s up to you to help them decipher the faulty conditioning that created the problem in the first place. An outsider can often see what’s not obvious to them. This is why it’s so important for a victim to discuss their pain because that is how they become survivors. Be patient because solving a mystery takes some time and ingenuity but it sure is worth it! You might make a new friend!

When you share, speak from your own feelings and relevant experiences. Avoid using the word “you” in your speech. It’s boastful and god-like. Please don’t judge, interrupt or feel sorry for them because it’s unproductive and makes you appear greater-than. Try to avoid touching without consent because abuse can also be physical and sexual. The goal is to gain trust because feeling “safe” is something a victim longs for. If you make friends without expectations you can help a victim become a believer and a survivor. When victims accept what happened to them, forgive themselves and others and understand it was wrong all the while, they become stronger survivors. Successful survival requires self-discipline rooted in self-love. If you know and love yourself well, the temptation to recommit and be selfish disappears.

Why do that anyways? Am I mad? FAKOFF! It’s ALL good! Life’s way too short to hold grudges.

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The Cycle of Pain

  1. Punishment & Control. You’re punished by others or yourself and are controlled in an effort to prevent you or others from committing the past evil acts of some relative.
  2. Demonization & De-conditioning. In an effort to avoid the sin from being committed again, the house turn the sin into a metaphorical “demon” to be feared and avoided. In actuality, they have adopted the demon as a family member because the subject is over-discussed.
  3. Opportunity & Solution. Eventually you meet the demon disguised as an offer you can’t refuse. Because of your conditioned familiarity, you become curious rather than disgusted. The perceived “solution” is to “face the fear” by committing the act.
  4. Commitment & Trespass. At this point, you feel justified with no reason to resist. As a result, you add experience to awareness. The harm done as a result of your act is remembered.
  5. Humiliation & Despair. You now have knowledge of the demon and must face the possibility that you may have “doomed” your own family because you are now like the forefather. You feel humiliated and fall into a state of emotional despair or denial.
  6. Blame & Anger. You become angry and blame the forefather who started it all to begin with. If you choose to conceal the crime, fear of being caught grows. You go into crisis mode to regain control over yourself and those around you. At this stage, if you don’t confess what you did, you’re doomed to repeat it by going back to step #1.

Peace & Love,

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