In darker days, we would drink for long hours several times a week at local joints. This is NOT smart.  Firstly, alcohol in high quantities is BAD medicine because it causes drama, screws up sleep patterns is too expensive and takes too long to recover from. Why have FOMO the next day because you can’t remember the “fun” from the night before? Dude! Where’s my car?! That’s why we don’t drink much anymore. Duh.

The human body and mind have certain requirements that need to be met both physically and mentally.  If you f-off then you’re not tending to your needs and you will surely throw off your life balance.  Once this starts, you become prone to addictive patterns and if you’re already depressed, it’s is a recipe for disaster.  Instead, I try to live a balanced life and attend quality events with a good tribe.  Perhaps you thought that people who work and have families never party? I have gone to the best parties around the world with functional families who all celebrate life together without drugs and have little challenges re-assimilating when they return home.  There’s a good process for everything including partying hard. It simply requires you being curious enough to ask how on earth do they do it?

FAKOFF the RIGHT way.  Assuming that your health is good, family is well and bills are paid, celebrating life requires us to be mindful to FAKOFF enough.  If you’re managing well, please reward your hard work and FAKOFF the right way. In other words, don’t burn yourself out because there’s a right and wrong way to party. What’s the right way? Don’t party all the time.  It’s all about quality, not quantity. Give yourself plenty of chill time when you’re at home. Plan ahead and then FAKOFF.  Think of it like being your own parent sending yourself off to summer camp.  Do you just get up and go or do you make an experience of it? The prepwork is a gift I give to myself because I don’t have to worry at all at the event.  I get there and make the most of my time by being at ease because the hard work is already done.

I think ahead about what I’ll do each day and the rough times I’ll do them.  I then leave room for random events so I don’t overthink it all.  Got your survival gear in check? Have you thought about how many nights you’ll be up?  Do you have a sleeping plan? Do you take enough breaks?  Is someone walking your dog? GREAT now FAKOFF! That’s the easy (or tough) part.

FAKOFF! – Fully AcKnowledge Our Free Flow!

Groups of people create an energy that freely flows when we are collectively share an experience. Social events are simply a form of church where we congregate to engage one another over a common interest.  When we work to be present together over a mutual cause or goalso much magic happens. I’ll never forget the experiences I had when my tribe and I collectively sustained a present state throughout the night.  It’s something I’m happy to work hard for because it’s so worth it. What’s the point of doing all this foreplay and being in your head the whole time? Be quiet, pay attention and receive the flow.  When the headliner plays your favorite track, don’t smoke or talk! You can do that anywhere! FAKOFF properly!



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